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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Son of MOAT

So I promised that I would follow up with you about MOAT. Here’s the drill: I had a nice conversation with one of the founders of MOAT, Anthony (“Ant”) Taylor. He agrees wholeheartedly that measuring engagement is the emerging model in online marketing metrics. Further, he agreed that this kind of measurement establishes new value to online marketing.

My argument that impressions matter more than clicks just got a shot in the arm.

Most of my clients are trying to build a brand presence online as well as generate conversions and this new technique is just the ticket to measure how well that brand development effort is going.

So without getting too deep in the nuts and bolts, MOAT measures how long a user hovers over an ad and determines if it is simply recognition, did you grab their attention say from color or a particular image, or if it is engagement, and you held their attention from compelling content. Check out the demo.

It’s a fantastic process and it’s going to change the way we look at online marketing. More to come.

new logo

Heya guys! Here’s a logo that was just approved for a massage therapist client. In my research, I found lots of massage logos to be a little on the heavy side. This logo is meant to convey health, cleanliness and serenity. Tell us what you think.

it’s not me, it’s you

Ever been on a date where the person that you’re with talked only about him/herself? They get boring fast, don’t they? Well, the same can be said for your website. You know that I have nothing but love for my small business clients. They are overachievers. They create something from nothing. They are proud ofMore

say it straight

You  know, in a world full  of catch phrases and oh-so clever wordplay, sometimes it’s awesome just to see something plain-spoken and well, obvious. Try it out sometime. Just say what you want the user/viewer/reader to know about your business and leave it at that. You’d might be surprised how that message can cut throughMore

My worst nightmare

This Romney logo is weak and not just because it looks like another logo. It feels forced and contrived. Not a great brand for someone whose business it is to connect with people. The story though, is how closely it resembles another logo in an unrelated industry. There is nothing worse in my humble opinionMore

Comcast Direct Response Television is here

Check out this article: It’s about Comcast Direct Response TV. Direct Response TV allows the viewer to use their remote control to interact with or take an action suggested by the content and I just saw a DRTV ad for the Ford Focus this evening. DRTV is in the Philly/Wilmington media market! I am familiarMore


You know, we humans have a peculiar habit: we like to name things. They give us a sense of order in a chaotic world. Look at the title of this post…it brings an image to mind. A smell. A memory. A Golden Girl. A connection. It’s the same with naming products. Companies have spent millionsMore

Introducing MOAT

Earlier I posted an entry extolling the virtues of Facebook advertising. I spoke about how even though my CTR was pretty low (now that I read the linked article below, I realize it wasn’t so bad), but that I had more than 100K impressions, which means exposure. Turns out the marketing minds at big brandsMore

Spring Cleaning

I took a personal day to literally clean out the cobwebs. Spring cleaning! Actually, it was more of a seasonal purge. I got rid of clothing, shoes, papers, boxes; all those things that just weren’t working. I dug around in closets, cabinets, and under even low furniture to rid myself of things that were weighingMore

Tar Pit pt.2

The good people at Thumbtack sent me this note: Hi Franklin, I’m writing because I saw that you posted your service on our site a couple days ago – great! – but you also wrote a blog post wondering whether some spam messages you received were connected to us. The answer is: no. We neverMore