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Gucci Mobile App Demo – MicroStrategy World 2014


Check out the technology that Gucci is planning for their customers. Wow.


Book Review: About Face: The Secrets of Emotionally Effective Advertising by Dan Hill

I am an avid reader of design and advertising books. As geeky as it sounds, I read those types of books as my pleasure reading. I always want to know more about how to excel at my craft. Every so often there comes along a book that completely changes the way that I think aboutMore

Understanding culture

Part of my goings-on about the user experience include knowing your audience and understanding what makes them tick. A huge part of the behavioral information that you can glean about a particular audience segment is culture. I came across an article on Business Insider that represents visually how cultures around the world negotiate. Why shouldMore

no way out, or, is the juice worth the squeeze?

Wow. A year can fly if you’re not paying attention. That’s how long it’s been since my last post. Lots has happened in the interim, a new job that brought me back to my home state of Virginia, lots to learn, new people, new processes, etc, but that’s another post entirely. So I was re-readingMore

speak the language

About a year ago, I accepted a Creative Director position at Capital One. Yes, I went to work for the “What’s in your wallet?” guys. I love it. Good people, challenging work. One of the headwinds (Capital One term; I’ll be noting them throughout this post) to getting the hang of things there is theMore

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

So I’m spelunking around the web as I like to do on a quiet Saturday evening after burping up code all day… I revisited the HUGE website. These guys rock as far as creative is concerned and I feel connected to them in that we chose the same color to represent our brand. It takesMore

No inside jokes

So UX has been coming up in conversation lately as I have been speaking to new and current clients. I’ve talked about managing the user’s expectations, but what about the trust factor? The digital space can be a scary place. Lots of bad people are are sending you emails from Nigeria or Kansas asking forMore

Conversion rate coolness

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been working on building a brand and sales for a client, Cal Smith, who not only is a great client, he is just a fun guy, period. I have been working with him very closely and educating him on how marketing works, especially in theMore

make sure they are the RIGHT thousand words

I recently came across an RSS feed about do-s and don’t-s of web site design and one of the points that they made was that the ornamental design element and irrelevant stock image actually detracts from the user experience. I couldn’t agree more, with the operative word being irrelevant. I have many small business clientsMore

a UX anatomy of evil

Here is an example of great user-centric design. I saw this commercial for Money Mutual, a non-bank lending institution (they make Wall Street look like choirboys) with a very official-sounding name and an oddly familiar logo. Here is a screen shot from their website: Yes, that’s Montel Williams. I’ll save him for another post. RightMore