Questions answered.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have encountered over the years. Feel free to submit your own.

Why do I need a website? My business is doing just fine without it.

Well, you said it yourself. Your business is doing just fine. Your business can EXCEL with a web presence that can handle many of your more repetitive functions like answering general inquiry phone calls.  A web site can be a powerful sales tool, giving your customers an idea of your products and services, so when they do contact you, they are more likely to make a purchase. Your website can be an awesome communications tool. You can reach all of your customers and prospective customers at once with a simple change to your content.

My nephew knows how to build web sites. He’ll do it for free. Why can’t I just use him?

Using a friend or a relative may seem like a good idea at first, but such an arrangement can get complicated-fast. Does your friend or relative know about marketing? Do you trust them to make the right decisions about how best to craft and deliver your message?  Can he devise an effective SEO campaign? At M19 MEDIA, we believe that a job should be done right the first time. We’ll create the advertising your business needs at a price that you can afford.

How much does web site design cost?

There’s no real answer to that except that it depends. Many use the house analogy. A simple house can be very inexpensive. But when you start adding amenities, the price goes up. At M19 MEDIA, we generally quote you a flat rate based on design time for your particular project. With the exception of extra content like video or photography, you’ll never pay a penny more than your contract states provided the project itself doesn’t change. That makes using M19 MEDIA easy on your budget. There are no hidden costs.

How can I afford to be on TV?

TV in the Delaware and surrounding markets is surprisingly affordable. Plus we can avoid high production costs by using stock video that we can customize to suit your particular TV need. If you do need custom video shot, then M19 MEDIA can make the arrangements for studio time and a crack videographer.

I can make my logo from clip art. Why pay you?

A clip art logo is just that-a clip art logo, and people will pick up on it. It tells them volumes about your business, bad things. When you have a professionally done logo, you’ll represent quality and respectability. These are the cornerstones of any successful business.

How can email marketing benefit my business?

Email marketing is a very inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. Nowadays, it’s not just enough to sell to your customers; people want relationships with the people with whom they do business.  A monthly newsletter keeping your customers informed of new developments is a great way to build relationships that can last a long time. M19 MEDIA can help you come up with a strategy to help you get to know your customers better.

Why should I choose M19 MEDIA?

As a small business, you have to be pretty choosy about whom you’ll do business. And we have a couple of reasons why you would do well to choose M19 MEDIA to do your next design or strategic project. First, we’re small too. We get it, and we get you. That is why we try to find the creative, less-expensive solutions. Second, we understand that technology and strategy has to support your business, not the other way around.  We consider you a partner, not just a client. We’ll educate you along the way so that you can think like a marketer and seize opportunities that may have otherwise passed you by.


More deep thoughts.

QR Codes: a powerful communications tool for small businesses

So here is an article about a big brand, Glamour magazine, using QR codes to allow users to “like” the Facebook pages of their advertisers. Seems really cool and breathes new life into an “old” medium. The QR code contains information or can direct you to a web page, say Facebook, to get more information.more

The Most Overused Stock Photo Ever

Have you seen this woman? Chances are you have. Chances are so has everyone else. This is a peril of stock photography to avoid. Take a look at the images on your site. If you see them on another site or on packaging, it’s time to change it out!

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