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Digital Design and Marketing

M19 MEDIA can provide a wide array of web design, development and marketing services for your firm.
As a full-service agency, we can assist you with planning your web presence and developing the applications that make your brand stand out from
the competition.

Contact us and let’s get started making you look great.

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Web Design/Development

Website Design, Strategy and Development

M19 MEDIA can help you make sure that you are using your web presence to the fullest extent possible.

Microsite Design, Strategy and Development

A microsite is a web site that highlights one idea, one product, or one concept. Have a product, cause or event to promote? A microsite can be a very effective way to generate awareness and sales.

Web Application Development

With nearly two decades of web technology experience, the team at M19 MEDIA can create dynamic sites that make the data that your customers provide work to deepen their relationship with your brand. From customer-facing e-commerce sites with inventory integration to enterprise intranet business process applications we can create the application that best suits your needs.

Video and Mass Media

Streaming Video

Tell your story with video. Online videos can help make your brand a household name, and your businesses can use streaming video to reinforce messages on other channels.

Video Messaging and Presentations

A looping video message can make a splash at trade shows and cross sell products to customers in your store.  This type of production is also very effective in mall/trade show kiosks, wall or window displays.

M19 MEDIA can create a presentation that can help win over your audience. We can create a Powerpoint or a stand-alone Flash presentation to help you make the sale.

Television/Radio Advertising

Every business can benefit from TV and/or radio exposure. Rates are very affordable in the Delaware market and utilizing Direct Response TV (DRTV) is a great way to drive traffic to your site to qualify leads and/or make sales.  M19 MEDIA can help you produce your mass media ad and help you with outlet selection to reach your target.

Digital Advertising and Marketing

Online Advertising Design

The online space is a cost-effective means to deliver your marketing message.   Let M19 MEDIA design compelling online ads that will steer traffic, increase sales and
brand awareness.

Email Design/Development

Email marketing can be a powerful marketing and customer relationship management tool. M19 MEDIA can develop email marketing strategies and help you craft the right creative message so that your emails are welcomed by your audience. Our emails get delivered, opened and acted upon.

Digital Lead Generation

Your website can be the hub of your business and generate sales leads.  M19 MEDIA will help you develop
a lead generation strategy and design web elements to accomplish those goals.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM/SEO)

Roughly 40% of online users find sites through a search engine. The right keywords are critical to online search engine marketing success. M19 MEDIA can develop a
paid or organic (how we love organic!) search engine marketing plan that will put your site at the top of
search returns.

Online Surveys/Polls

The proper use of technology can be critical to your
competitive edge.  Online polls can provide insight into your target market.  M19 MEDIA can develop and administer online surveys that solicit the wants and
needs of potential customers.


Online coupons are a great way to generate leads and expand your customer base.  M19 MEDIA can help you with design and targeting to get customers to pick up the phone or navigate to your site.

Mobile Device Advertising Design and Development

Mobile sites can be significant sources of leads/revenue if used properly.  Ask us about how a mobile presence can help your business.

With most smart phones equipped with GPS capabilities, an opportunity exists for small businesses to use location marketing (l-marketing) to reach their target market when they are in a specified area. Contact us for details about this exciting new marketing channel.


Brand Development

Your brand is your company’s face to the world. Let M19 MEDIA help you develop your brand and communication strategies so that your company values become your best selling point.  Brand Communications Strategy A brand communications strategy is important for large and small businesses alike. What words do your customers ascribe to your business?  M19 MEDIAMore

Print Design and Identity

Print marketing and advertising is still an effective way to reach your target audience, and now there is technology available to make your print marketing even more engaging. Let M19 MEDIA help you develop the creative elements that will get you noticed. Direct Response Marketing Direct Mail We have innovative takes on direct mail thatMore

Social Media Strategy and Marketing

Social media is a fantastic way for you to interact with your customer base or target market. M19 MEDIA can help you develop a social media strategy that fits your goals and taps into this wellspring of honest, real time feedback. Facebook Marketing The king of social media has methods to put your brand in frontMore

Marketing Consulting

Communication is key to managing your customer relationships.  Your marketing should cover how and when you talk to your customers as well as what you say. There are many ways of communicating with your customers and M19 can help you choose the ones that can help maximize your return on investment. Market Research An effective marketingMore

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