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Our take on brand strategy techniques that can help small businesses

Gucci Mobile App Demo – MicroStrategy World 2014


Check out the technology that Gucci is planning for their customers. Wow.


Brand Culture: Creating a community around your small business brand…a primer

Years ago, when the web was relatively young, I remember business owners asking me to build them a website with the rationale that “they just needed one.” There was no more discussion than that. Me, being young and hungry, built them a site that, for the time and my skill level, looked great. But thenMore

The Most Overused Stock Photo Ever

Have you seen this woman? Chances are you have. Chances are so has everyone else. This is a peril of stock photography to avoid. Take a look at the images on your site. If you see them on another site or on packaging, it’s time to change it out!

No inside jokes

So UX has been coming up in conversation lately as I have been speaking to new and current clients. I’ve talked about managing the user’s expectations, but what about the trust factor? The digital space can be a scary place. Lots of bad people are are sending you emails from Nigeria or Kansas asking forMore

Branding Brilliance


(free) information is power

I had a prospective client meeting yesterday; delightful, thoughtful people who are trying to make the world a better place. They came recommended through a mutual friend and I met them for Iced Tea and nibbles at  Lucky’s Coffee Shop. I’m deliberately keeping the details vague, because this post is about information and how toMore

The case for quality

A former Wilmington University student of mine approached me with a problem. He didn’t feel as though he was getting the proper rates for his freelance work. He has found himself taking jobs that pay very little and reward him even less professionally. He wrote me asking for my advice. This has been an issueMore

courtin’ and marryin’: thoughts on customer relationship management strategy

So as I am developing email marketing templates for a client, I thought it would be a good time to drop a post about customer relationship management or CRM. Many big brands pay very close attention to their relationships and are always looking for ways to strengthen them. I have found that many small businessesMore

adventures in facebook microtargeting pt.2 (UPDATE)

So the Facebook microtargeting campaign has been going on for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that it is a resounding success. The CTRs are hovering around .25% (I know, right?) and my client is paying an average of $.50 per click. So let me give you a little more background:More