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What caught our eye in the social universe

App Review: IFTTT

So I am spending Saturday watching SNL and browsing the App Store when I came across the IFTTT app. It is AMAZING for people who generate content across many social media platforms.

IFTTT stands for If This, Then That and it allows you to create conditional statements called “recipes” that help you manage aspects of your private and public life. Some of the recipes are private, like if you create a screenshot on your device, then a copy of that can be sent to your Evernote account or to your Google Drive. Other can be more public, like anytime you post something on LinkedIn, IFTTT automatically creates a WordPress blog entry or tweets it or posts to your Facebook page.

here is a screenshot of the basic recipe construction:



The possibilities are pretty unlimited, and there are recipes created by the IFTTT community that you can use and you can share yours. Recipes cover all of the major social media platforms and some of the smaller ones. Here are some of the recipes that I am using:


As you can see, I have created a daily chain of content production that runs from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook to WordPress. It is a great way to manage my social posts. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a way to work smarter, not harder to manage your social media presence.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with this app. I am cooking up more recipes and see how much I can automate. Get it at the App Store.

Brand Culture: Creating a community around your small business brand…a primer

Years ago, when the web was relatively young, I remember business owners asking me to build them a website with the rationale that “they just needed one.” There was no more discussion than that. Me, being young and hungry, built them a site that, for the time and my skill level, looked great. But thenMore

courtin’ and marryin’: thoughts on customer relationship management strategy

So as I am developing email marketing templates for a client, I thought it would be a good time to drop a post about customer relationship management or CRM. Many big brands pay very close attention to their relationships and are always looking for ways to strengthen them. I have found that many small businessesMore

Conversion rate coolness

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been working on building a brand and sales for a client, Cal Smith, who not only is a great client, he is just a fun guy, period. I have been working with him very closely and educating him on how marketing works, especially in theMore

adventures in facebook microtargeting pt.2 (UPDATE)

So the Facebook microtargeting campaign has been going on for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that it is a resounding success. The CTRs are hovering around .25% (I know, right?) and my client is paying an average of $.50 per click. So let me give you a little more background:More

Location marketing on location (Me gusta “lo-sos”)

One of my favorite neighborhood restaurants is taking advantage of location marketing. For those of you that don’t know, location marketing takes advantage of smart phones equipped with GPS. On location-based social sites, also known as “lo-so”s, like Facebook, Yelp! and Loopt, a user can “check in” to establishments near him/her and the savvy businessMore

Facebook microtargeting

One of the goals of marketers is to create a message that the viewer believes is meant solely for him/her. Considerable time, money and effort is spent developing the right message for the right audience. The smaller the audience, the more specific and compelling the marketing message can be. The practice of delivering messages toMore

Branded QR Codes in action

While they might not be a new phenomenon as digital phenomena go, QR codes are certainly making an impact with small business. Jim Israel’s Conjure Consulting, a client of mine, is using QR codes to great effect. We created a generic branded QR code that will take the mobile user to a special landing directoryMore

image vs. icon pt.2

Starting up a new Facebook campaign for an author client of mine. Going to go for round two of the image vs. icon theory that I have developed for Facebook ads. If you missed my first posting, I hypothesized that icons may do better in attracting attention and boosting CTRs than a traditional image dueMore

Welcome, Denver Post and Denver Business News

JustĀ  a quick shout out that an actual news agency is following yours truly at M19 MEDIA. We count @denverpost (The Denver Post) and @denverbusiness (Denver Business News) as our followers! My only question: where is the Delaware News Journal?