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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Welcome, Denver Post and Denver Business News

JustĀ  a quick shout out that an actual news agency is following yours truly at M19 MEDIA. We count @denverpost (The Denver Post) and @denverbusiness (Denver Business News) as our followers!

My only question: where is the Delaware News Journal?

strike up a conversation

I saw this article that may be of interest to you: it’s premise is that user like it when companies answer their questions on Twitter. This is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your field and make the person who asked the question feel heard. Here’s the crux of their research: “EightMore

The business case against Groupon

So, upon closer examination, Groupon is not the deal that I thought it was. I read an article about restaurants having bad experiences with Groupon and thought that it was bad business on their part; they gave away too much to the digital coupon clippers. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought Groupon wouldMore

fan me

At the beginning of the month, I decided to add to the M19 MEDIA fan base with a Facebook ad and get some valuable multi-variate testing in. Of course, this isn’t my first time at the Facebook rodeo (see I Couldn’t Have Done it Without You), but I wanted to test a theory as well:More

hip to be square

Friday I received my Square credit card reader in the mail. It’s fantastic. And for small businesses, it is a must. For a long time I didn’t accept credit cards because merchant accounts were too much of a hassle. Then PayPal came along and I was able to accept credit card payments via the web.More