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Guess the strategy


Great article. I have had experiences like those of the author, and it has shaped me into the altruistic, cheerleading, accessible, psychoanalytical creative director that I am.

a little something interesting I found: from LinkedIn via IFTTT

Gucci Mobile App Demo – MicroStrategy World 2014

  Check out the technology that Gucci is planning for their customers. Wow. via IFTTT

7- Eleven 1979 TV commercial

Here’s a blast from the past. Care to take a stab at the strategy? via IFTTT

Diesel Jogg Jeans Video

Very nice product demonstration from Diesel. from LinkedIn via IFTTT

Great commercial, and the first time that I’ve seen a life insurance commercial showing their customers as powerful. from LinkedIn via IFTTT

A new way to think about the subject

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted something here and I guess with the job and everything that took to get acclimated there and with being back in DC, there just wasn’t a lot of time to get things into a post. I think I was also suffering from I’ve-Been-Away-For-A-While Syndrome, where I thoughtMore

no way out, or, is the juice worth the squeeze?

Wow. A year can fly if you’re not paying attention. That’s how long it’s been since my last post. Lots has happened in the interim, a new job that brought me back to my home state of Virginia, lots to learn, new people, new processes, etc, but that’s another post entirely. So I was re-readingMore

speak the language

About a year ago, I accepted a Creative Director position at Capital One. Yes, I went to work for the “What’s in your wallet?” guys. I love it. Good people, challenging work. One of the headwinds (Capital One term; I’ll be noting them throughout this post) to getting the hang of things there is theMore

Flip it and reverse it

I am a huge fan of design books. I get them whenever I can to get inspiration or to glean a new design method, style or technique. A few days ago a box that was smaller than I expected arrived with my latest haul. Within its cardboard goodness contained four titles from the good peopleMore