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Branded QR Codes in action

While they might not be a new phenomenon as digital phenomena go, QR codes are certainly making an impact with small business. Jim Israel’s Conjure Consulting, a client of mine, is using QR codes to great effect.

We created a generic branded QR code that will take the mobile user to a special landing directory that can be changed up whenever the client chooses. So if he’s running an acquisition special, let’s say, that landing page can serve up the content without having to create a new QR code for that special occurrence.

Tracking will be easy too, as the landing page can then redirect to  a sub-page. Not only does this aid in deep-link tracking, say to prevent someone from stumbling onto the page accidentally, but content can be recycled just by changing the re-direct. Fun!

Here is the working (test) QR code:

Branded QR code. Set the Error Correction Capability (ECC) to high (30%) and a branded element can be added without loss of functionality. Please note that this is the test QR code.