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Location marketing on location (Me gusta “lo-sos”)

One of my favorite neighborhood restaurants is taking advantage of location marketing. For those of you that don’t know, location marketing takes advantage of smart phones equipped with GPS.

On location-based social sites, also known as “lo-so”s, like Facebook, Yelp! and Loopt, a user can “check in” to establishments near him/her and the savvy business creates incentives/rewards for doing so.

Tijuana Taco Shop is offering 50% off your meal for liking them, thereby creating a fan base that will advocate their brand, and 10% off your meal every time you check in, creating incentives and a pathway for deeper brand engagement.

Brand advocacy is then handled by the user who will transmit Tijuana Taco Shop’s message through their social network of friends, just like I did to my social network.

The beauty of this is that there is a non-existent barrier to entry and the initial cost of acquisition will more than pay for itself over time. The initial offer is presented on site to maintain control of traffic and therefore costs. Muy inteligente!

I’ve attached a photo.