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(free) information is power 2

Responded to an email that came through the site last week (I know, that was a little too long to wait) and a request for marketing assistance¬† for $1000 per year. That’s a very low number, and I told them so. But instead of telling them to get lost, here’s what I did. I gave them advice. I gave them 4 ideas to market themselves on a very limited budget, most of it social media-related and audience outreach.

Here’s what it did:

  • Established me as a subject matter expert
  • Demonstrated that I’m interested in their success, regardless of their budget
  • Indicated that I have more tricks up my sleeve

Sometimes giving information away is a great way to build trust and perhaps a client. I left the door open to them to work together if their budget permitted. I’ll keep you posted on their response.