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It’s a knockout

An often overlooked logo design element is the knockout version. The knockout is the version of the logo that would appear on a dark background. There are many times when a logo cannot be reproduced in full color due to the environment where the logo will be placed or the costs associated with printing in more than one color.

Following is a great example of the knockout version in use. The clients are Pennington Dental Associates in New Jersey. Here is their logo in full color:

Note that it looks great on a white or light colored background. Sometimes, that is not always possible.




Here is their logo as a knockout:

As part of the logo design process, consider how and where your/your client’s logo will possibly appear and prepare versions for those scenarios.

The folks at Pennington are still very happy with their logo and shared that photo with me. One of the reasons for that happiness is that their logo can go where they need it to. Something to, er, chew on.